Nepal Himalayan Holiday Roast, 12oz single origin whole bean coffee

Nepal Himalayan Holiday Roast, 12oz single origin whole bean coffee

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Our limited release, 2019 edition!   

Region: Nuwakot, Nepal 
Altitude: 1150-1300 meters
Farm: Alpine Coffee Estate
Varietal: Bourbon and Yellow Caturra
Processing: Fully Washed Wet Processed

Tasting notes: citrus, cola, brown sugar, & cinnamon 

About Alpine Coffee Estate: 
While so many in Nepal look outward for economic opportunity, Rabindra and Kumud, looked inward. Alpine Coffee Estate was started in 2008 by these two young entrepreneurs. They took a bold approach to stay in Nepal and invest in an infant industry when many of their counterparts were leaving Nepal for better economic opportunities. It is a boot-strap start up story with incredible results. Working with experts from around the world, they’ve experimented with planting, pruning and processing techniques, allowing them to cultivate some of the best coffee beans. The result- incredible coffee that's sweet and balanced with notes of orange, brown sugar and spice. 
Not only is their farm sustaining, they have chosen to help other small coffee entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses, offer training and classes and offer employment to their local community. 
 * We roast to order to ensure the freshest possible coffee.  All orders will be processed on Friday and delivered the following week.