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Nepal Everest Roast, 12oz single origin whole bean coffee

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Balanced, bright and sweet, this very special coffee comes from the Solukhumbu region of Nepal.  Known for many things, including Mount Everest, and the Sherpa heartland, this diverse area has also just begun producing superb coffee.  

It's one of the most difficult places on earth to grow coffee, making this one of the rarest coffees.  We are excited to be the first and only company in the US to share this with you. 

Ethically sourced from Nepal and micro roasted in Denver, Colorado.

Region: Solukhumbu, Nepal
Altitude: 1100-1800 meters  
Varietal: Arabica Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed
Tasting Notes: Well balanced, clean cup with notes of sugar, currants, and black tea.  

 * We roast to order to ensure the freshest possible coffee.  All orders will be processed on Friday and delivered the following week.