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We believe in a relationship grounded in coffee excellence and we take pride in working at origin to source the best green coffee beans, building an integrated and fully transparent importing process, and roasting in small batches to highlight the sweetness and vibrance in our coffee. We take pains to ensure freshness, roasting on a weekly cycle and packaging in nitro flushed bags.  The nitro flushing eliminates oxygen degradation, preserving its freshness and flavor.



Committing to a relationship with Bhavana means you’re investing in an emerging industry and bettering the lives of Nepalese villagers—all with the added bonus that you’re getting an exceptional product. 

Nepal’s coffee industry is just getting started. At Bhavana, our goal is to bring Himalayan coffee to the coffee community in a way that both promotes sustainable economic development and gives back to the communities who work so hard to plant, pick, and process the coffee. By purchasing this coffee, you become an agent of change, enabling Nepalese farming communities to establish themselves through fair trade. 

We pay our farmers 3x the Fair Trade price for Arabica beans and within that amount we include a specific contributions to a nonprofit, the Nepal Green Tara Foundation, which has built 4 schools in the area and continues to support operations by covering costs for supplies and teacher salaries.  That way as we grow, our contribution will grow.