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Bhavana: To Create. To Cultivate

An extraordinary cup of coffee sourced from Nepal - A beautiful and remote region full of hidden possibilities

Responsibly and ethically sourced coffee from Nepal

Lying between the historic and culturally rich capital of Kathmandu and the striking peaks of the Himalayans is a swath of rural hillside villages. We personally travel there to work with coffee farms and connect them to you. 

We place emphasis on working with small farmers in an ethical manner and true transparency.  Together with the farmers from Nepal, we aim to bring the best coffee beans from Nepal and share something truly unique with you.

We pride ourselves in working with farmers who are not only passionate about coffee but also utilize it to build up their community. 

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The foothills of the Himalayas foster an extraordinary mix of altitude, soil, moisture, and climate. This unique ecosystem, combined with dedication and passion from the Nepalese farming communities, produces an outstanding coffee bean.
Bhavana Coffee strives to make a positive impact in the emerging Himalayan coffee world. We aim to bring Himalayan coffee to the international coffee community in a way that promotes sustainable development.
Scoring well above 80 on the specialty coffee scale, Nepal is emerging as an exciting new origin for coffee.
Growing coffee opens a way to share a part of their world with you and ultimately empower these amazing people and communities in a sustainable way.

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Spotlight on Nepal

Nuwa Estate Coffee of Nepal

Our current offer comes from Nuwa Estate Coffee which is located in Nuwakot, Nepal.

Nuwa was started in 2007 by Bandi Nima Sherpa Tenzing, one of the few female entrepreneurs in Nepal. Her vision was to build opportunities in rural areas that would help the people living there combat the serious issues they faced in human trafficking through education. She has been relentless in establishing Nuwa coffee as a premier specialty coffee producer, and works to connect other farmers in the area to resources such as plants, knowledge and technology so that new farms can partake in growing coffee as a new and profitable alternative. Their involvement in the community also lead them to form a non profit, the Nepal Green Tara Foundation (NGTF). Through NGTF they have built 4 schools in Nuwakot and continue to support their operation and teacher’s salaries.  A portion of our sales goes directly to NGTF.

Welcome to the journey

Thanks for visiting Bhavana Coffee! We hope our story has inspired you to continue exploring what Nepal has to offer. Nepal has an incredible history, landscape, culture and tradition of farming, and their coffee journey is just beginning.  You may recount images of great mountaineers climbing Everest, trekking though the Himalayas, and monasteries with prayer flags flying, but this a region with so much more and it’s definitely worth paying attention to. Thanks for your support of this emergent industry and helping it develop into the next exciting coffee origin!


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